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The alignment of human, organisational and technical capability to enable business value.

Assess and baseline

  • Baseline current business and technology capabilities

  • Engage key stakeholders to understand current gaps and pain points

Develop options

  • Analyse approach to resolving key capability gaps

  • Recommend options sets to improve the business model, including technology and information leverage

Create the roadmap

  • Create a ‘value path’ for realising the improvements

  • Develop a commercially focused plan and business case to start the change journey



Continuity and linkage to the enabling strategy which achieves business value / stated benefits.

Design the program

  • Work with senior company leaders to set the scope and key objectives

  • Develop a robust business case detailing the commercial, operational and customer outcomes

Establish the program

  • Bring together an appropriately skilled team, skilled in digital business change

  • Guide our client on their role and critical risk and success factors

Deliver for results

  • Demonstrate early access to value, by achieving quick wins and a high performing program capability

  • Leveraging process, technology, and human change, aligned to maximise value creation



IT operating model design and implementation which cost effectively and flexibly supports business needs

Assess capability maturity

  • Using industry frameworks, assess the gaps and opportunities with the current situation

  • Assess ways to increase technology leverage to support objectives such as efficiency, reliability and customer experience

Implement the changes

  • Working collaboratively with key technology and business leaders, develop technology transition and improvement plans



On-going creation of customer value continuously informed, measured and managed by insights

Customer value chain

  • Baseline the customer value chain to identify steps that add or dilute value

  • Working with key stakeholders, develop a more effective customer value chain to improve the customer experience and process efficiency

Product management

  • Establish or strengthen the customer product management disciplines

  • Assist key leaders in product life-cycle management and alignment to the Customer Value Chain

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