Digital Strategy

The Operating Model is the ‘heart’ of an organisation

It brings together people, processes, technology and data to produce value for clients, staff, suppliers and ultimately shareholders

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January 20, 2021

Rethinking the future of a metro railway through a digital operating model

As part of a bid to renew the franchise for operating one of Australia's largest suburban rail networks, our client identified 'digital' as a critical success factor within the forthcoming bid. Other than the usual operational and business technology foundations, the concept of Digital was not defined, but it was critical to define what this could be and ensure Digital was compellingly incorporated into the franchise bid.

Digital Strategy

Why is it important?

In a more customer-centered, connected and regulated world, an organisation’s operating model must be efficient, effective and able to adapt to constant external and internal change.

What does Digital Frontier Partners do?

We work closely with our clients to understand how their organisation can be improved to best leverage and deploy their people, processes, technology and data to deliver their business success.​

Why do clients choose us?

Experience and independence separate us from many others. As former CxO leaders, we have decades of experience in operating model design and our involvement across multiple industries informs us of what great looks like. We ‘hand craft’ the future state operating model design through exacting analysis and insightful engagement. We then evaluate options to ascertain a best-fit outcome.

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