Technology Leverage

IT performance is the way in which technology is conceived, designed, is implemented

IT continually improves an organisation’s technology operating model which is needed to support and enable business strategies and plans

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December 4, 2020

A new focus for the IT value proposition in a large electricity distribution company

The Australian energy sector is facing a series of challenges and opportunities; many of which are being driven by technological change across the electricity generation, supply and consumption segments. The number of informed customers who expect greater levels service, value for money and transparency is growing rapidly. At the same time, structural changes in the regulatory environment are also adding a new level of challenge for energy distributors.

Technology Leverage

Why is it important?

Technology is now an integral part of our business and personal lives. To continue to grow, companies must be intelligent and considered users of technology to create and exchange value with their customers, staff and suppliers. ​​

What does Digital Frontier Partners do?

We use our capability models and industry benchmarks to assess how effectively an organisation’s technology people, processes and practices support and enable business strategies. We advise how these technology components – the technology operating model – can be improved and uplifted to align to and drive business success.

Why do clients choose us?

Our experience tells us that one size does not fill all. As former senior leaders, we have decades of experience in managing technology for business success and understand that a crafted approach to ICT performance is needed to maximise returns on technology investment. Clients welcome our direct, open, and inclusive communication style and value DFP’s ability to summarise and present complex concepts in a clear and compelling manner.

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