Technology due diligence for a leading Australian investment management company

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Technology due diligence for a leading Australian investment management company

The customer need 

Our client, a leading Australian investment management company, had identified an investment opportunity in the high growth NDIS space. This investment required a specialist technical review as part of their due diligence process, to provide a full understanding of the risks and technology investment profile to support an intended high growth strategy post acquisition.  

Our approach 

Digital Frontier Partners activated our proven 4-step methodology for a Technical Due Diligence. The first step involved gathering and reviewing available technical information on the target companies’ software solution. The second step involved a series of in-depth interviews to understand the NDIS domain space, the product management approaches adopted in evolving the solution, the architecture and technical aspects of the solution and the product development team practices and people. The third step involved combining the information and findings from the previous steps into a risk analysis view with mitigating actions, a recommended product roadmap that would enable and support the expected high growth and an associated investment profile. The fourth and final step was to deliver a graphically styled report covering the findings, analysis and recommendations. 

The outcome  

Our client fully endorsed the report, the proposed roadmap and investment profile and proceeded with their acquisition process in the knowledge that the technical aspects of the product solution were fully understood. Our client successfully completed the acquisition and further utilised our experience to assist in the hiring process of a new CTO to activate the latest product roadmap and plans outlined in the report. 

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