Digital transformation starts from within

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Digital transformation starts from within

Author: Pierre Matthee

Hygiene, clarity and transparency around the basic IT services delivered to the organisation is the foundation for delivering the business value that a digital transformation will produce.

Most organisations struggle with delivering timely, predictable and valued IT services that help the organisation to focus on their core objectives and enable business value.

For the IT organisation to be heard and earn a place in the conversation around how technology and digital innovation can drive value for an organisation, they need to take away the noise created by sub-standard IT services outcomes. All too often though, IT are hindering the creation of value in an organisation.

So how does the IT organisation take away this noise?

Firstly, the IT organisation needs to acknowledge that there are shortcomings with the IT services they provide. A powerful way of creating an agreeable view of the current situation is to conduct a structured review of the gaps and strengths in the IT model. An independent review by an expert organisation can provide an informed and impartial review of the state of IT within the organisation.

This review or ‘diagnosis’ can take the following form:

  • This is best done by engaging in open and honest conversation with business stakeholders and clearly understand how the business views IT services.
  • Identify the areas needing attention (pain points) measured and quantified against an industry best practise model and the organisation’s business requirements.
  • Map out “what good would look like” if the pain points were addressed.
  • Create a plan using “SMART” techniques to address the pain points.
  • Communicate the plan to business stakeholders and with the IT organisation and get various stakeholders to identify and attach to the plan.
  • Finally, execute the improvement plan, and measure progress and success regularly with all stakeholders

Sustained and demonstrated improvements in line with the committed plan will eventually rebalance the view of IT from an overhead to one of being a trusted business partner.  The natural progression is then towards innovation the introduction of new technologies and practices.

Now is the time to open the conversation on digital transformation and how technology can drive business value. 

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