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Case Study: A Budget Airline

One of Australia’s most successful budget airlines saw the need to review their digital team’s work practices and capabilities to embark on an accelerated path. The airline recognised that while they were delivering a solid flow of new products and features to market this often relied on “individual heroics”.

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Case Study: A Mass Transit Railway

As part of a bid to renew the franchise for operating one of Australia's largest suburban rail networks, our client identified 'digital' as a critical success factor within the forthcoming bid.  Other than the usual operational and business technology foundations, the concept of digital was not defined, but it was critical to define what this could be and ensure digital was compellingly incorporated into the franchise bid.

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Case Study: A Leading Not for Profit

While our client already has demonstrated capability in the digital space (skilled people, a social media presence and use of metrics for digital channel performance), they felt their strategic settings for digital weren’t strong. The senior management understood the need to be more flexible in how they built and maintained relationships with their supporter base. 

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